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ASHELY medico South sandford Maine

A few months ago I met this what I thought was a lovely girl. Name is Ashley. Told me ahes a so far mom of 2 but shes miserable with her oldest daughter and was moving to Maine soon (whrre I live) she told me she gave up her oldest daughter and has her 2 year old with her mom. She came over my house here and there. We made dinner and what not. Talked. She cried a lot about how she truly hates her oldest daughter and I was just shocked. I told her that I really dont think I can see a woman like that and she left. A few weeks went by and she came to get the 2 items she left at my house and I gave her the chance to explain herself about who she really is. She told me the full and honest truth. She isn’t a single mom. Shes married. Moved back to Maine bcuz her husband is getting a job here. Confessed That she truly doesnt like her 6 year old and blames her for taking her fun years. She hates her 6 year olds father and let me know that if I ever wanted to adopt ahe would be ok with me taking her child instead of her real fsther bcuz he’s a waste of time to. It disgusted me. She left. Again a few weeks had gone by and I had just gotten out of work from a double graveyard shift and I was morally exhausted. I got home and I heard something coming from my room kind of odd knowing my roommate has his own room. I really didnt care with how tired I was and continued down the hall to my room. I opened my door with my roommate and this Ashley girl in my bed with needles and spoons. I left the room waited till she was almost put the door to let her know she’s never welcome here again for not only being a peice of s**t human being but for pushing my best friend to relapse. He had been struggling for a few weeks with it and know one knew why until ASHELY told me she is a heroin addict but no one knows. People in her life think she’s clean. Shes not. She also gave me an sti. This is a true sum of the world.

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