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Corey Micheal Scott DiGiorgio Mesa Arizona

My is a slick little piece of work . A true master of manipulation. He is not turned off by having to invest a lot of time and energy to get what he wants and when he gets what he wants he wants more and if he feels like it he will just take what he wants . He has one goal . To freeload and enjoy his addiction that he will use to gain sympathy of course and don’t forget how powerful it is when he says I want to quit for you I want a life withyoh more …. blah blah blah bullshit . Literally everything he has is not only a lie it’s all part of the plan to get dope and shoot up …. He thinks quite a bit of himself his actions become borderline evil the more he gets away with. There is no limit to what this man will do to get you to give him everything he needs . Clothes . Food . Drugs . A home . He has no intention of working his job is playing you . His charm makes this easy for him to do . He is not beneath stealing , lying , cheating , and then making you think that you are crazy and have a problem. He has no soul and loves nothing besides his needle literally nothing but the needle . He thinks it’s cute to take your car to go somewhere real quick and be gone for hours and hours on end . He prays on weak broken women because he is excellent at acting and has no problem faking a full on life of course always pointing out how special you are and how he would never do any of this or has never done this for another women hahahaha I laugh now but he got me good . He didnke more dirty then my ex husband who used to beat me daily . When all the lies the stories and the stealing catches up to him he disappears as if you imagined the entire relationship deleted and blah fled without a trace . He is quiet possibly the most vile human I have ever met and I feel so f*****g disgusting knowing that I let him kiss me and touch me and that shared so many things with him that I truly never have shared with another human . Stay away from this dude he is so f****d and if you let him charm you , you’ll be f****d too guaranteed.

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