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Craig Robinson Warabrook Newcastle NSW Australia

Craig Robinson

When I wanted to break up he made complaints to my workplace to try to get me fired. He sent my nude pictures to his friends & to my workplace then cried in front of my colleagues like a little b***h. He’d often call me drunk & high & tell me to kill myself. His exes have said he’d done the same to them. Try to break them down emotionally. He threatened to kill himself in front of his 2 daughters to try to lure me to his house. His ex wife sounded terrified when I said what he was doing.

He has done this to multiple women. He dates them all at the same time. Even if you say it’s fine he still lies. Pays for s*x too & doesn’t use condoms. Can’t help himself. His MO is to try to get them fired. Then he still can’t let go & has to stalk them. I’m posting this because I’m friends with his exes now. We all took out apprehended violence orders against him at the same time & so we met. His exes are lovely, but he trash talks them. He’s a manipulator & gaslighter.

This guy is a narcissist. And he’s still trying to contact me years later. I literally have to move house. He’s a nutter. He’ll try to scam you out of cash 2 & has a previous conviction for fraud. Stay away. The only nice thing I have to say is that he’s not violent as such, but according to other exes he’ll throw or break things. I honestly think the only reason he’s not violent is so he can play the victim.

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