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Dr. Marta A. Brana-Berrios, New York City

Marta A. Brana-Berrios

This racist, sexist and homophobic b***h has to repeatedly remind herself and her patients that she is a physician while in the same breath insult and degrade her patients. I heard she bullied an African American nurse practitioner into quitting. What a mess!. I will never take my children to this doctor. “Doctors”, especially doctors specializing in psychiatry are supposed to help you not destroy you mentally and emotionally.

She has horrible bedside manners and is condescending. I wouldn’t waste my money or time putting up with this trash of a doctor.

When you do a search of her name, there’s no reviews. There is a reason that happens. She works with children and adolescent (they don’t know how to give a review and they don’t know any better) and she’s supposed to be a therapist that offers addiction recovery resources, these people are broken and they wouldn’t dare to report her because she is a condescending b***h that plays with their fears.

It would probably be best if you people of the internet ask her why she’s such a scum of the earth.

She doesn’t deserve to be a doctor with her attitude and behavior because she is doing more harm than good.

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