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Get Revenge! Post or find a cheater in your area.

Drew Worthington Centralia, Washington Lewis County

Anyone who gets in a relationship with this man is not safe. Do NOT send him any nude pictures He will use them to black mail you and send them around to your family members and friends. He has done this to several women in the community. He even did this to the mother of his child Brandy Nicole Hunter. He has sent s*x tapes and nude photographs of her all over the town. He also carries a firearm and threaten women with it and their loved ones if you don’t sleep with him. Ladies, Beware of this psyco he will ruin you, treat you like h**l, and not care that he did it. He was recently married to a girl and within two months of marrying her he cheated on her with several other women. Even bragged that he did it. He got her pregnant and then treated her this way. He comes across a really good person at first and then don’t reveal his true colors until it’s too late. LADIES BEWARE! He will ruin your lives and reputations.

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