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Eddie N.Green Pittsburgh,pa usa

Well were should I start he’s just grade a soft hes vain as f**k he says one thing and does another blames you for things that others do will lie to u about the smallest and dumbest s**t and is verbally disrespectful he’s handy capped by his own immaturity he acts like someone else when he really isn’t that way he lets others think and make decisions for him for someone who is 37 he also has a big ego he thinks he’s the s**t “the man” he is the worst person I have ever met it was like dateing a fake thug a wanna be if u think he’s gonna have ur back think again he’s all about him self he could careless about u he talk a good one but he’s not a man just a boy in sheeps clothing and that’s a shame he gives the rest of the good men that are left a bad name and rep smfh he feeds off of ur weakness and uses it agenst you and plays the victim all the time he has female tendencies as well

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