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Gerren R Jefferson Bx, NY ,BK NY,Newark NJ,

This guy is not only a liar but I’m convinced something is wrong with him. From sleeping with his coworker who is also the union steward at his job (talk about ethics) to getting caught in bed with the same co worker by my friend. To make it worse right before the holidays 2017 in late November. He hurt my friend who is a great strong independent woman. He hurt her so much phycologically, emotionally and had her suicidal and doubting her decisions. she worked all day had no help with their baby went to work tired while he messed around for over a year. I’m writing this because like I told her she’s an amazing woman who has helped others and has a strong belief in g*d. Everything he put her through she did not deserve nor any other woman out there. If I had his number I’d post it too all I found was his Facebook profile pic. Ladies beware this man anyone who denies his children and says that all his baby mothers “cheated” on him clearly has something wrong with them.

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