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Howard Milton Brown, Bronx New York, USA

I’m posting on behalf of my bestie, who was seeing this b*****d for months. My friend supported Howard Milton Brown when he was injured, down and out, with very little money. She encouraged him and gave him emotional support and by his own admission loved him and treated him better than any other woman has ever treated him. Yet as soon as he got what he wanted from her, which was help getting his disability retirement approved, because he’s a former correction officer and falsely claimed he was injured on the job, he then told her let’s take things slow because of our age difference. Then he picks up a 24 year old, and starts s******g her and sending the pictures to my bestie and told curse her out and told her to move on with her life. She’s now finding out that he does this all the time. He uses his motorcycle club sky’s the limit family organization, to pick up women who can get him the right connections to improve his life. When he’s done he dumps them and verbally and mentally abuses them, then send text messages making it seem as if they’re harassing him, so people can think that they’re the ones that are crazy. If you meet Howard Milton Brown of Bronx New York and sky’s the limit Motorcycle Club run for your d**n life. Kick him in his going for every woman he’s hurt. The 24 year old that he is s******g is the same age as his daughter. And he admitted that he is only using her for her money because her parents are rich and gives her all the money she wants and she interns gives it to him. Her name is Tony Lisa Wallace of Brooklyn New York. If you find her warn her to run. He also curse out my bestie and told her she was too fat and ugly for him to ever have a serious relationship him. Her name is Nadia Griffith of Brooklyn New York. Give her your love and support.

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