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Jeanette Herrera Homan Seguin, Texas Guadalupe County, United States

This woman is a full time cheater/gold digger! She has always been a b***h and now she is cheater as well. She has a good hard working handsome man that she is/was married to, but opened up those beaner legs of hers, got pregnant by her lover/loser that likes to live off of women (Chad Jones) which he is married also and lives in Schertz or Seguin TX. Oh yeah about her being pregnant, yep you guessed it she went and killed that kid, got an abortion. What a good mom you are to kill your kid because you don’t know who the father is ,w***e! So if your in the Seguin or San Antonio area keep your husband’s close cause she will be in the parking lot sucking them off. Beware all hospitals in the surrounding areas cause she is going to school to be a slutty nurse.

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