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Jeremy Jawaun Duckett

Hi my name is Moe. My ex is a weak a*s b***h. He gave me several STDs and he used to abuse me for years. We met November 2014 and he’s been a thorn in my side ever since. He told me we would be together but he LIED! He did nothing but cheat on me with girls AND guys and he still f****d me raw. He gave me money occasionally to shut me up and keep me around. His brother tried to have s*x with me and I never told him out of respect! He thought he could just dump me like trash and expect to just forget about me! H**L NAW! He’s just mad that I f****d his friends from Walmart and some of his Hendersen-Webb coworkers. I look WAY better than his new ugly a*s b***h Chynae. Idk what he sees in her but he dumped me for her. Left me homeless on the street so he could move this b***h in and everything! B***h looks trashy and beat down. F**k both of y’all! This n***a was f*****g me for months after they got together and she’s a f*****g idiot. He f****d my best friends Whitney and Tia and they said his d**k was mediocre. That n****s d**k is so small you need a magnifying glass to find it. He’s mentally retarded and he should be grateful that I gave him a chance with me. He’s so d**n stupid and retarded he even looks mentally challenged. And those teeth? Oh please boy!!! He thinks he could have any b***h he wants?! H**l naw! His whole family is poor and disgusting and ghetto. He’s broke as s**t and drives a hoopty. His girlfriend is fat and ugly. His mom is retarded too so I see where he gets it from. His dad used to touch him when he was little so he likes guys. When I found out he was bi I was hurt but he let me f**k him in the a*s a few times with a strap. Gay a*s. He used to say he would “light my a*s up” but he wasn’t doing s**t. My fingers are bigger than his d**k. He’s a user and an abuser so b*****s beware. That n***a will take everything you have and try to control you. I’m so glad he’s out of my life f**k you Jerry! F**K YOU

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