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Jermaine Daniel Fields

Jermaine Fields from Hudson Massachusetts is a pathological liar that buys drugs daily from a 400lb lady in Hudson mass. Never had his own place still lives with his mother at 34 years old but will lie, manipulate and cheat his way into your life. Then whenever confronted with actual proof. He is a sick person who has a lengthy criminal record ranging from 4 dui and a rape case that is somehow sealed. Also 3 stints in jail for domestic violence. He will go to great lengths to cover his tracks and the mother will assist. It’s quite disturbing. In the end of our relationship I caught him off guard and ransacked his Internet search history and there was thousands of keyword searches for mother and son incest. I felt so betrayed and disgusted. He is a corrupt evil angry person and I only hope I can save someone a big headache

He will basically sleep with anything And I do mean any thing that will give him attention
Yuck disgusting so glad I got away from that walking std

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