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Jessica Seador

This b***h will suck the life out of you. She will constantly hold anything she can above you, that she has a college education, she bought a quarter of a million dollar home, its a $250,000 townhouse, that was builders grade, calm down, that she works as a nurse at a hospital (hung over or still drunk from the night before 95% of the time), overall she thinks that everyone including her family is beneath her. She wont have a conversation with you shell just talk down to you, talk bad about others, talk s**t on her friends, talk bad about her sister. She will play the victim all the time, tell her you have a problem with something, its “well thats your opinion, i dont see anything wrong with what im doing” Shell b***h about you working too much (because she isnt getting enough attention), then shell b***h that your not making enough money (because you are not buying her enough things to repay what she bought for you as gifts””. Shell expect whatever she does to be done in 10 fold back to her, because it was so much effort. Shes a alcoholic, tries to justify it by saying “i had a rough day” all more the reason to polish off a 1.75 bottle of Pinot! She jumps from one guy to another before getting rid of the current one, there is always a overlap. She needs to make sure shes getting full attention from someone and if its not who shes with, she will get it from the next sorry f****r. Materialistic like there is no tomorrow, shell sport a brand new Explorer but is broke and was living at home with her parents. Claims that she does so much for all her boyfriends, when shes barely doing anything. Word of advice, once you see past her t**s there aint nothing there, empty, selfish, sociopath, worthless mother. Comes out and says her new boyfriend takes priority over her daughter, and it shows. She will show your just enough attention to keep you around, then slowly stop and expect to keep getting what she wants, and when you finally come to your senses shes already onto the next one. She will cheat on you when shes hammered, she wont remember doing it or so she says, she will lie to you and say we just went to sleep, or he messaged me first bullshit, always a reasoning why its ok or you should not have a problem with it. I feel sorry for whoever is with this girl next, you will get played just like the rest of us, used and discarded to the side as soon as someone else starts showing her more attention. Once you leave her she will make it a priority of hers to talk bad about you to every person that will listen to her, she will say anything and everything to make you look like you were the bad one and that she did nothing wrong. Good luck to next sorry f****r.

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