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Jose Rene Lozano jr. LaPorte. Texas USA

We met at a difficult time in his life. He was at his rock bottom. Just separated from his wife, lost his job and got a DWI. I know I should have ran oh but no! I stick around, we party like rockstars for several months. It was fun until he realized he had become an alcoholic a few months down the road. He moved into my house. I hire an attorney for him, I was nothing but his support system. He used me for everything I had. Stole money from my bank account, used my credit cards without permission, opened new credit cards in my name without permission. Used my car and trashed it! Went out with other girls and never came home at night. The list goes on and on and on… long story short, he finally starts to get on his feet. Lands a decent job after 10 months and does it again! Lies (which he is a compulsive liar) and tells me how much he loves me and is never going to give up on us while he’s out with some probably blonde headed bimbo! Says he’s watching the game at his dads when he wasn’t because I asked his dad like the crazy girlfriend does. I bent over backwards for this man. Gave him my everything as well as his three kids, fell in love with him for him to just s**t on me and lie to me constantly. So… the next girl who comes across Jose Rene Lozano jr., just run! You’ll save yourself a whole lot of money, wasted time and sexually transmitted diseases because he likes to sleep around.

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