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Kyle B Horsley. Indianapolis, Indiana

Kyle Horsley is a master manipulator with a detached emotional personality and lack of compassion or remorse for his actions towards others. He does not know his own feelings so he lies and tells everyone what they want to hear to get what he wants. He is not forthright nor is he honest with anyone including himself. He is very good at playing the game, let me tell you…
He will disguise himself as an empathetic individual who is very selfless, lonely, affectionate, loving and looking for someone to move in with him and “complete” his family with him and his 2 dogs.. He will buy you things, give you things, take you out, write you elaborate love letters, and spin you stories of a lucrative future with lavish trips abroad, rock climbing, and the average “Let’s have adventures together” mentality. He will jump in head first and ask you to be his girlfriend so you don’t think he just wants s*x from you. He will “woo” you in many ways. Every day he left me bottles of water by my side of his bed every day for me to find. When I drank one, he would replace it with another. A very good tactic that he probably has used many times because women fall for “the little things.” Very anticipatory of your needs, has a great paying job, keeps himself and his house very well and clean, great listener, and affectionate lover. Which is why it’s so hard to not fall in love with him when he’s doing all of these things for you and also asks you how much you love him and asks for reassurance from you on the amount in which you invest into loving him!
However, this man is a FUCKBOY IN DISGUISE. Wolf in sheeps clothing. Narcissist to a T cleverly disguised as someone who cares about you when ultimately he is out for his own agenda. He does not want to get married (subject to change if he changes or if he just lied more to me to get me to go on somewhere else) or have children or the dependency of deep companionship. Kyle is looking for surface level experiences with surface level people when he’s not digging his claws into someone who believes all his lies for a more long lasting connection.
This man told me he would love me always. Next Tuesday, next birthday, next year, and always. And less than 30 days later decided that he is “too independent for a relationship”
Essentially I was a 2 month f**k buddy with the title of girlfriend when I fell for all his tricks and him at the same time.
As a warning to females out there– this guy is good. I mean I’ve been f****d over before and mind f****d by guys in the past with their lies, their ability to fake whole relationships, and uncertainty of their own life path. But this one… this one ladies…. is a master at hiding his true intentions. And will look at you dead eyed and detached when you’re crying in front of him because you’ve finally figured it out that he used you.

Just a warning- you’re only temporary no matter how much he tries to convince you otherwise. Or how much you believe otherwise. This man is an island and wants to keep his encounters casual even though his words and actions will make you think he wants to wife you. He will play mind games, he will prey on you, he will keep you in the dark, and he will leave without much warning while steering you in the opposite direction so you don’t know his plan.

Kyle, when you read this- good luck getting it down.
My name is Allie and all of the above statements are true to my experience with Kyle Horsley of Indianapolis, Indiana.
Just doing my part as a woman and warding kind women away from you so you don’t hurt them like you did me.

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