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Melanie Ann Jondal Webster City Iowa United States

Stole abunch of firearms and sold them around Iowa after burning the garage down in rockwell city with her b***h a*s cousin Marty Fye. This Meth head is a lying cheating s**t. Cop calling broke a*s meth dealer. she will have s*x with anybody. ive caught her in bed with 3 guys and cheated on me with 12 that i know about. i should hav e left her then… it took me finding out about her meth dealing, and stealing pills from her patients in her home health care bussiness where i actually left her. well that an the trafficing stolen firearms. Melanie Ann Jondal is a horrible person. cop calling lying b***h and she commits more crimes than anybody. meth dealing loser. wont be long she will be in federal prison for either her meth dealing or stealing and selling guns. do not hire this thief. ADVANCED CARE home health care. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE PERSON.

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