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She said its only been going on for 4 months but from phone records, over 200 texts a day its been 8 months. She couldnt stop while we were vacationing on our 3rd wedding anniversary. I was told when i conformted her, it was intellectual love that i wouldnt know anything about it.
He has a finance he been dating for 10 years, they just bought a house last year.

They text each other some of the most heart crushing, soul distroying things about me and our relationship. Now she is forcing me to sell the family home, tossing out her 2 step children with no care in the world, so they can get a place together.
Im not sure how much s*x 1 lady wants a week cos nothing changed there for us, twice a day from me then how often he was get serviced? I suppose when your a w***e you just cant get enough. One thing i do know is he will not end up with her, i gave her everything and i mean everything but still wasnt enough so tjat tells me she will never be happy…GOOD LUCK TO HER

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