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Neesha C Sirjue La Romaine Trinidad and Tobago

Neesha C Sirjue: The full time cheater, fraudster and gold digger. Neesha C Sirjue is a known female adultress, con artist and gold digger who lives in La Romaine, Trinidad and Tobago. She loves to spread malicious lies with the intent of damaging the reputation of others and breaking up friends and even lovers. She is very vain, narcissistic and treacherous in her ways and will lie, pretend and manipulate to any extent to con people into feeling sorry for her and doing her favors of all forms and variety.

She comes from a broken home, however, she is allowed to live a lavish lifestyle and can often be seen with men other than her claimed boyfriend, who happens to be a lawyer. It is believed that they still have an on again off again relationship and this only serves to air her quest in charming and deceiving men. She is a spoilt brat, who does not take responsibility for causing others pain and suffering ans she is a known delinquent in the University of the West Indies, where she dropped out.

She uses her beauty and false charm to lure men and women into helping her or doing her favors and often chooses her friends based on how wealthy, popular and gullible they are. She is a true financial, sexual and emotional predator

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