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Rhonda Jean Erwin Munholland 1919 Lexington Ave. Lexington Ohio, 44907

I met Rhonda on Plenty of Fish and we quickly became lovers, like on the second date I we were having s*x… she was easy and I mean too easy, I should have known that she had a terrible secret… That secret was that she was a s**t puppy and carrier of HPV 16 and Genital Warts.
She had told me the story where she was dating a married mad and got knocked up by him. When she told him about her pregnancy he kicked her s**t a*s to the curb and told her never to call him again.
She then moved on to another by spreading her legs and this time trapped a man as she got knocked up again… she even got the sucker to adopt her first kid and even give him a proper last name…. Well the second one caught her cheating on him and kicked her s**t a*s out on the streets once again.
There she found her 3rd husband and once again because she was pregnant again…. 3 kids by 3 different men… go figure. This also only lasted a few years and once again she was on her own with 3 kids…
Like I said I met her on and I should be called Plenty of Diseases .com as within a year of our relationship I came down with Genital Warts and also found out I got HPV 16 from this little W***e.
I confronted her with this and she broke off our relationship. Later that week I received a call from a co worker and good friend of Rhonda, She explained that Rhonda was slutting around with another guy she met before we broke up and now is spreading her nasty legs and the HPV and STDs to a new guy.
I called Rhonda to tell her that she has to make sure she is using protection when having s*x, even if giving a b******b, she informed me it was none of my business and to leave her alone. I told her to at least give the guy a chance to know what he is getting into as she is a carrier of this terrible disease and we needed to make sure it does not go beyond us. She laughed at me and said I have no signs of anything… I explained to her that a carrier doesn’t have to show it but my doctor said she is 100% infected with this and she needs to use protection.
This is why I speak out as to save others from going through what I now have to go through. I am fighting throat cancer from the HPV 16 and Warts she gave me.
Please get the word out as she does not care who she hurts as long as she get her thrills… Rhonda works at Ohio Health’s Morrow County Hospital in Morrow County Ohio
Stop her and her EVIL ways !

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