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Rhonda Jean Erwin

Rhonda is a Nurse at Morrow County Hospitals,
Rhonda and I dated for about 2 years when I noticed I had a wart on my c o c k, I went to the doctors and found out it was genital warts caused by an STD, I had only been with the little W h o r e and no other woman for the last 4 years, so I know it was her.
When I told her, she said it wasn’t her as she is tested every year and it had to come from someone else… My doctor said that it had to be her because 4 years was too long to have this from another.
Well I got a phone call from a friend of Rhonda and they told me that she was f*****g some other guy for a month before I told her about the warts. I have since found out she has been posting to meet and screw men on a s*x site so I logged on using a fake profile and she sent me nude pics then said that she was willing to meet me for no questions asked s*x. I was so shocked and asked her why she wanted to do this, she explained that she had a life changing event (stroke) a while ago and since then could not stop wanting to meet and f**k total strangers. I could hardly believe my eyes… She said how she was going to set up and screw 2 guys a week all summer as a treat to herself for being single and having the freedom to do it… She said it was because all her life people pressured her to do what they wanted and it was time for her to live her own life.
I now know where I got my STD from and now tested positive for HPV virus… Yes they can test for it in men now too !
I thought I should get out this story to protect men and woman from the diseased c u n t, so if you have s*x with this fat W H O R E, You Will Pay in the Long Run ! I swear with my had to G*D, YOU WILL REGRET being with this B I T C H !

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