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Sidney cabisca. Troy new york

This woman loves to play the victim once you do or say anything other then what she wants. With she honestly don’t know what that is she will threaten with killing herself she will also sleep with another man the Same one every time. Kyle la Mont. The man she will tell you beat her. Lies again. She will tell you she never called anyone daddy. Trust me there’s is a reason she has a rep in troy. I fell for her son story and sold my entire world so she would be happy I made myself broke and s**t to keep her happy and nothing works long enough. If i ever talked Bout anything other then how utterly perfect she was she would claim I hated her and i was cheating and stuff when I have proof she still f****d Kyle. And any time you ever tell her there us something slightly upsetting bout her she will scream. She screams and swears at her son. Her son is 3. Idk if I can post pics but here u go

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