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Terry “Terrance” Lane Humphrey from Jefferson City, Missouri in the USA

Terrance was to good to be true in the beginning. He helped around the house & done what ever I told him to. But I guess he fell in love with me right away. That’s just not so easy to me. I liked him don’t get me wrong, but as things went on I could tell he was a DEAD BEAT DAD cause he didn’t keep contact with his kids at all? And he became annoying by crying & whining all the time about me not telling him that I loved him also. So I broke things off with him. I left my house & told him he needed to get his stuff together & be gone with I got back. I was just trying to keep everything as a calm break up. Well he ROBBED my house I found out when I got back home. I just let it be things could be replaced I just wanted out. So later that year for Thanks giving I went out of town to visit family, & he starts calling my mom asking about me, & she told him I was out of town. I came home & my house had been broken into again. Can’s say for sure he did it but pretty weird I hadn’t heard from him in a while & then outa nowhere he is checking on me.

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