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Toby R. Sernel, Little Rock Arkansas

Toby Sernel is my on again, off again, boyfriend. We started as friends a year and a half ago, but it’s much more now. He was cheating on his wife with a b*tch, Scarlett Mal….. He was with her a year, but I did a little internet magic, had a little help, and got him away from her. Didn’t take too much work. He turned to me. He knows I’ve had his back. That Scarlett still stalks around, but I know how to drive her nuts. He and I are growing closer by the minute, but I sometimes think he has trust issues, or he ignores me. My mind races. Is he cheating on me too? Does he still think of that c*nt, Scarlett? I see her name and it makes me sick. His wife is divorcing him now, so I act so supportive. He has no idea the trouble I went to getting rid of Robe…errrr…Scarlett. I don’t think he appreciates me sometimes. I’m no door mat. I try to play it cool. I just don’t know what is going through his mind. I know he feels for me. It’s cute how he acts about it, but then I feel ignored. I know he has cheated, but he better not be doing that to me. He has seen what I can do. I toss and turn at night wondering what he’ll tell me in the mornings, or if he’ll have any words for me. I have a sick kid, and that is stressful enough. I shouldn’t be stressing over a man that has a track record. I hope he sees what we could have.

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